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Our Services

We offer Web Design and Development services since 2011.

Our team consists of designers, developers and content writers, passionate for delivering creative web design and development and dedicated to offer the best possible services. We feel lucky to have a successful team that works for the benefit of our customers, from the time of first contact until the final stages of any project.

Our collaboration with other professionals, such as photographers specializing in photography for websites and text translators, allows us to deliver our projects with unique look, rich in images and free of syntax or spelling errors.

We design, develop and support static websites, dynamic websites, blogs, forums and e-shops, owned by individuals or companies.

In order to deliver the best possible products, we always use the latest web technologies, programming libraries and techniques. Dynamic websites are designed to use the latest versions of open source CMS like Joomla, Wordpress, Prestashop, Magento, phpBB, etc.

And of course, the support we provide to our clients is Amazing!

Responsive Web Design

We design websites that automatically adjust their layout to the screen resolution of any visitor's device. This is called Responsive Web Design. We start every project with Responsive Web Design in our mind and before delivering the final product, every single page is tested for every popular screen resolution.

Website Features

  • Responsive Design

    Automatically adjust webpage layout to the screen resolution of any visitor's device.

  • Well Commented and Structured Code

    HTML/PHP/JS code free of errors, clean, structured and commented for future support.

  • Awesome Slideshows

    Impressive slideshows with pictures that make the difference by catching the attention.

  • Custom Backgrounds and Colors

    Use of customer's preferred backgrounds and colors to fit their company's color profile.

  • Attractive Home Pages

    Home pages full of useful info to keep the user browsing website content.

  • Awesome Typography Elements

    Rich but not over-used typography techniques for impressive content.

  • Cross Browser Support

    Careful design to support all current browsers and as well as some old versions.

  • Social Media Interconnections

    Use of social media interconnections to embed modern user experience.